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The time for lawn decoration this Halloween is approaching, that is why you have to know the trends. In this way you can guarantee a dark show in your garden and surprise, or scare everyone.

Although this is not an easy task, you can always find the latest trends in decoration. Thus, we have prepared this article for you in which you can learn the best for your lawn.

There are different elements that can be used effectively during this time of year. Know now what are the trends that are talked about to have a great decoration of the lawn this Halloween.

Surprise everyone with your lawn decoration this Halloween

In October, it is time to do the lawn decoration this Halloween. Thus, it is necessary to know the trends that exist to surprise and excite those who see your garden. Now we leave you some of the trends during this Halloween that is coming up.

Black bats

We start this list of lawn decorating trends this Halloween with one of the classics that always scare you. Bats are scary and dark animals that always tend to create fear in people. You can have several of them between the bushes and the grass to pretend that they are real.

Between the darkness of the night and the strategic places you select, you can give a scare to whoever visits you. Also, your lawn at night will appear to be filled with a scary family of bats.

 Illuminated pumpkins

Another trend for this Halloween is the traditional illuminated pumpkins. This classical element is really great and striking. If you like to make faces, with a real pumpkin and a knife you can create their dark eyes, nose and mouth. Inside them will go a light bulb, lamp or even candles that at night will give it an effect of movement.

There are some plastic or resin pumpkins that you can buy that are ready to light up. Everything will depend on the style you want to give to the lawn or garden. They can decorate the entrance through a path of pumpkins or place them in specific places to scare.

Black cats and spiders

Another trend related to Halloween is black cats. These animals with large, luminous eyes inspire fear in some people. Create some with fabric or buy dark models, it will be ideal to make your guests believe that they are real and that they are observing them.

In the case of spiders, you can have large and small models that blend into the bushes in the garden. Besides, you can also buy models that stretch and shrink so that they fall on people as they walk through your garden.

Chandeliers and lamps

Transporting your lawn, garden and even the house to the time of the witches will be an easy task with suitable chandeliers. In different stores you can find old and dark models that you can use to light up the lawn. +++, these models always offer low light, which will keep the atmosphere subdued.

Candle lamps must be used with great care as they can cause a fire. Therefore, it is more advisable that those of this style are used in the garden on non-incendive surfaces.

Skulls and zombies

Nothing better than giving a good scare to whoever steps on your lawn, so you can put protectors on Halloween. Skulls, skeletons and even whole tombstones are ideal to place as decoration in your home garden. This trend has been maintained over the years to be able to welcome those who come.

Zombies can make your lawn a sanctuary or even pretend to have a cemetery at home. If you position them in strategic places you can simulate that they leave the lawn, ready to scare visitors. When preparing the lawn decoration this Halloween you cannot forget these dark elements.

Scare everyone with lawn decorations this Halloween

Knowing these trends for decorating the lawn this Halloween, it only remains to find each of the elements that we mentioned. With this you can have a totally dark environment, always taking care of this important place in the home.

Always remember that you can keep the lawn in your garden in the best condition with Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co. They will improve and condition your garden to apply with the greatest of success a decoration as dark as this one.



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Why eliminate weeds that grow in the grass during the fall-winter seasons? Well, this cleaning is the key to enjoying a healthy orchard or garden in spring. These plants not only detract from the garden by giving it a neglected appearance. The space, nutrients, water and sunlight that the lawn needs are also stolen.

Eliminate weeds is a preventive task

Summer weeds usually disappear as fall begins. However, at this time some undesirable winter plants begin to emerge which, if not exterminated in time, will become a problem.

Consequently, eliminating weeds that damage the lawn is an essentially preventive task. Weeds are plants that need the cold to thrive and although during this time they are at rest, in spring they will bloom and spread quickly.

Therefore, prevention is vital, identifying weeds when they start to sprout to destroy them before they mistreat the lawn.

How high to mow the grass?

During the fall the grass grows slowly and irregularly and to keep it at an ideal height, you can do the following:

  • Extend the time between one harvest and another. In this way, you allow the grass to rest.

  • Try to keep it at the correct height. If it is too short, it allows weeds to grow. If, on the other hand, you leave it too high, it will pressure the weed to grow in search of sunlight.

Irrigation is essential

Watering excessively or insufficiently, causes the invasion of weeds by weakening the lawn. Therefore, you must have an irrigation system in good condition that distributes the water sufficiently, taking into account that these are cold seasons.

Measures to do irrigation

In this regard, the following aspects must be considered:

  • Broken, clogged, too high or low sprinklers will have a hard time bringing water to the entire area. This causes dry areas prone to the appearance of weeds.

  • Light and frequent watering is recommended only for newly seeded lawns, in order to develop new roots. The abundant and sporadic watering strengthens the already grown roots.

  • Ideally, the water should penetrate about eight inches into the ground. Then, wait two inches to dry before watering again.

  • The amount of water required varies depending on the type of grass, the climate, the season and the growth stage of the plant.

Remove weeds by hand

One of the fastest ways to eliminate weeds is to pull them out with your hands. In this way, we remove the plant from the root. Logically, the viability and effectiveness will depend on the size of our garden or orchard. If this is very extensive, we will have to implement another strategy.

Fertilize to nourish

Fertilizing in late fall reinforces the root of the lawn, enabling it to withstand the freezing winter. The special fertilizer for the fall has less nitrogen than the one applied during the spring. This helps the plant stay green and healthy throughout the winter.

Once you’ve mowed your lawn, it’s time to fertilize with potassium and phosphorous compost. During the fall, the grass deepens its roots and expands and to stimulate both processes, this is the best compost.

In this sense, it must be distributed equitably throughout the area; thus, we leave the soil ready to survive the winter and wait for the spring.

Using herbicides

A well-groomed lawn usually does not need herbicides. However, some harmful species that grow in the cold are often very resistant to other treatments.

Therefore, they may require some of these types of chemicals. These substances are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Total and selective. The former does not discriminate between weeds and grass. The selective ones, exterminate some types of weeds, without damaging the lawn.

  • Duration. Some have a residual effect, remaining in the soil for a long time.

  • App. The foliar ones are applied on the leaves, while the systemic ones go to the root.

  • Moment. The pre-sowing moments are applied before sowing and the post-sowing, after it.

Consult the experts

If you have questions about how to weed your lawn in the autumn-winter season, you may need to consult a specialist in the field. The experts will be able to advise you on irrigation systems, weed control, care of the lawn and much more.

If you put the needs of your garden in the hands of specialists such as, your health and beauty will be guaranteed for any time of the year.
Wait no more, condition your garden and enjoy a beautiful and vital space for you and your family.