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Mowing or maintaining a well-trimmed lawn is essential. It is just one more process like irrigation, pest management or fertilization. But this pruning requires care, many people think that it’s just pruning and that’s it!

However, they don’t take into account that carrying out this work indiscriminately can bring negative results, such as: the presence of weeds, bald spots, brown spots, among others.

It is highly important for you to know the reasons why you should keep the lawn of your facilities well cut.  If you want to know the reasons, keep on reading and we will give you more details.

Reasons to keep your lawn well-trimmed

Here are 5 reasons to cut or keep your lawn well-trimmed:

1. It Highlights its physical beauty

A well-cared-for grass is necessary and important for your company garden to always look beautiful. The aesthetics will largely depend on the care it receives.

Sometimes, it occurs that the lack of proper pruning prevents you from detecting unusual situations in the garden.  Therefore, you need to do a good job. This will allow you to see if it lacks water or fertilizer, avoid poor colors and lack of elasticity in the leaves.

2. It eliminates weeds

A lawn that is not properly cared for usually encourages the introduction of weeds and bald spots.

3. It avoids the appearance of fungi and pests

The brown spots are fungi, which become visible as if they were stands or patches of withered grass.  They can measure 7.5 to 25 cm in diameter.  When they start to come out they look reddish, then they wilt until they reach a brown color.

 In addition to this fungus, there is another one that also appears in the grass when proper maintenance is not done. This is the “Rust” a fungus that when it has spread throughout the grass stains the shoes of the one walking on it.

Another intruder that can be found in the garden of your company is the presence of larvae.  Good care and the application of insecticides will prevent the appearance of these.

4. It eliminates scattered dirt
Your facilities can become a nest of moles quite often, those little animals may wreak havoc.  But using proper maintenance, you’ll be able to spot them and employ effective traps to catch them and take them elsewhere.

5. It generates happiness and tranquility
 When you walk on grass the sensation you feel is incomparable. For many people, it’s like a fifth season of the year, it gives us a feeling of optimism and well-being. After keeping your lawn well-trimmed, your workplace environment will be more pleasant.


Mow the grass

Mowing the meadow requires technique. It is not a good idea to cut it too low, or you’ll reduce the leaf area and hinder the ability to photosynthesize. Which ends up in a weak lawn.

Low-height grasses have fewer roots and are shallower. Therefore, they’re less resistant to drought, and sensitive to the attack of pests and the presence of weeds.

You should not mow below 5 cm, it is best to look for experts who can do this job.

Tips for a showy grass

If you want a beautiful and perfect meadow, you must follow the following steps to get it:

  • The cutting technique should be little and often. It helps to change the cutting pattern and direction from time to time, so that the roots are not pressed.

  • For you to have a beautiful and lustrous meadow in the summer, it is essential that you water it. The frequency of irrigation will depend on the temperature and humidity. We recommend you to water it once a day so that it can nourish itself.

  • Controlling weeds persistently and using the right tools is necessary to care for your lawn.  There are tools that are used to extract them, such as manual scarifiers, which are used to hinder and prevent their growth.  You can also use herbicides.

 We advise you to take a rake to make holes and then fill them with sand. So the surface water can flow and send oxygen to the roots.

Advantages of having a lawn

For some, having a meadow on the company’s premises requires a lot of maintenance. They even consider that it’s a waste of time and money. Well, that’s true, it requires time and budget, but, it also has many advantages, such as:

  • Resistant grass.

  • Installing natural grass is economically viable.

  • The grass is adaptable to all kinds of styles.

  • The meadow produces a feeling of spaciousness and accentuates other elements of the garden.

There are compelling reasons to keep your lawn trimmed. It is essential for the vision of the facade of your home to be perfect. Besides, it provides a feeling of well-being in the owners and in the visitors too.