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If you are looking for a good plantation, aeration can play a very important role in this plan.  Although many people have the tendency to overlook this, the oxygen that must be in the earth is very important.  Since it is through this type of air that they will be able to get better aids for their development and growth.

Clearly, the land on which a plantation is located needs space to retain water and air. This way, it can be nourished in a better way every time it is watered; thus, the garden or plantation will thrive. On the other hand, if the aeration is not adequate, the results may not be as expected.

What really is aeration?

Aeration is known as a measure that represents the volume of space that pores give in the soil.  These pores exist under and around the plantation area, generally thick in size.  This way, there can be air ducts through them that allow the flow of water and oxygen.

Within the substrate there are different particles that can create these pores which can be of different sizes.  They all add up to the pore space and the measure of their volume is what’s known as aeration in the plantation. It is calculated as a percentage of the substrate, being inverse to the density of the substrate.

This will always depend on the type of crop you have; hence, it can change between one plantation and another. Commercial production substrates reach porous densities of up to 80%. This leads to aeration of 10 to 15% in germination, propagation or seedling plantations. They can be divided as follows:

  • Low aeration from 2 to 5%

  • Intermediate aeration from 5 to 10%

  • High aeration from 10 to 20%

  • Very high aeration greater than 20%

What causes poor aeration within the soil?


Aeration has a bunch of factor that can affect it and completely damage the development of the crop. Therefore, those who are in charge of sowing know how they can fend this off and eradicate the different consequences that this brings about. Among the main causes of poor aeration are:

  • Excess moisture in the soil

  • Some properties that do not allow adequate filtration

  • Heavy machinery over the area

  • Grazing

  • Organic matter that compacts the soil

  • Incorrect soil texture


Each of these will work as an opposite factor to what is desired in the planting area. Consequently, the soil will be compact or with few pores that allow the entry of water and oxygen for cultivation. 

What is the importance of aeration?

 As we have already mentioned, if this agent is within an ideal capacity for planting, the outcome will be positive. Both the air, as well as water and nutrients will be able to move adequately to nourish the planting place. Carbon dioxide will be able to go out through the root and travel through these spaces and leave the substrate under diffusion.

If it is not in the correct volume, the plants will clearly be affected, and their growth will be delayed. If this happens, commercial productions will be altered, and the product will not be available in the established time.

On the other hand, if the substrate is not kept in the best state either, the health of the plant will be hit.This can attract more strongly the attack of insects or bacteria that wind up hurting the entire crop. So it is recommended that this volume be kept in the best state within the substrates.

As we can see, aeration is a fundamental factor in the development of the plants that are growing.  Ideally, you should have the help of trained professionals who can determine the correct volume. In addition to paying attention to each of the factors that can influence these kinds of parameters.

Do not forget about the aeration of the crops

 Now that we know what it is and the importance of aeration, it is a factor that you cannot pass up.  The consequences can affect the entire work of a crop and even the development of an entire garden. So keep in mind each of the necessary characteristics to take into account for the functioning of the substrates.

One of the ways to accomplish the best aeration is with the help of Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co.  It has a group of experts trained to offer the best development of gardens and plantations.



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Many people do not know that there are different ways to trim trees in a garden. That is why they do not know how to carry out this cleaning in a correct way, maintenance or even renovation to keep them in good condition.

Well, whenever you have a garden it is important to keep it clean, healthy and with the proper care that plants deserve.

When we talk about tree pruning, we refer to that way of giving proper care to shrubs. In this way, they can stay alive and strong to continue with their development process and be able to resist the weather.

Now, it is important to know the different ways of pruning that exist in order to care for the trees properly.
Know the ways to prune trees that exist

With the help of specialists or knowing by yourself the different ways of pruning you can achieve the proper care of the trees. That’s why we will now show you those ways that you can apply to keep your garden in good condition. Each of them has a mission that we’ll explain to you so that you can put it to good use. 

Pruning for cleaning

This is one of the most common ones to perform and as its name indicates, it is used to clean. The objective is to eliminate all those weeds, formations or unwanted elements in the bush you have. In addition to removing dry leaves and weeds, this type of pruning also needs to be done on other plants.

Tree rejuvenation pruning

Similar to the previous one, in this type of pruning, the main action is to remove all those old parts and elements. Dry leaves and branches are the main ones to be cut off so that they can be replaced by new elements. This gives a new aesthetic look to the shrub you’re working on in the garden.

Pruning to form

The Ideal thing to do is to apply this way of pruning in an early stage of the shrub. In this way, it is guaranteed that they will grow with the shape we want or with a more suitable structure. To apply it, you just have to get rid of all the branches of the bush that you do not want and thus, it will grow readjusting itself.

Pinch pruning

This is a type of pruning that must be done carefully so as not to damage the shape of the tree. The mission of this type is to make cuts no larger than 10 centimeters to reduce its volume.

The cuts they make should be proportional to how vigorous the tree to be cared for is. All the branches that are born after these cuts will  be thicker and fresher.

Fruiting pruning

These prunings are carried out only to those fruit trees, seeking balance between their flowers and the wood of their branches. The mission is for it to develop a good size of resistant branches suitable for bearing fruits. In addition, the size of the fruits must be taken into account, so that they do not exceed their weight.

Pruning before and after the flora

There are prunings that are done so that the tree can have a good flowering. However, these depend on each species, because some of them have it once a year and others do not. For this reason, it’s necessary to know the bush well and then prune it at the right time; you can turn to experts for this.

After flowering we usually have a bush that is not in its best moment. All excesses and flowers that no longer have life can be cut out to eliminate the content that is wilted. Thus, the new branches that are about to come out, will be able to grow full of life and with better development.

In this way, each of the forms of pruning has a meaning and a mission to be carried out. They need to be done in the right way, depending on the type of tree you have in the garden. In addition, it’s always necessary to pay attention to the seasons and their flowering or fruiting processes.

Protect your trees with these ways of pruning

 Now that you know each of the forms of pruning that can be applied, it is time to do them carefully.  This ensures that they can last for many years and grow properly in the garden.

You can also count on each of the experts at Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co. With them you can take proper care of your garden during the different seasons so that your bushes grow correctly.