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5 Best Sprinkler Systems For Lawns In 2021

Imagine that one day you don’t worry about watering your garden. Instead, you begin to enjoy it.  A common problem with lawns and gardens is irrigation. For some, this process can take a lot of time or be barely affordable. Regardless of your situation, there already are solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Here’s a list of the best sprinkler systems for lawns to help you find the right solution for you:

  • Best overall sprinkler systems for lawns
Rain Bird

  • Best traveling sprinkler
Nelson’s Rain Train

  • Best oscillating lawn sprinkler
Melnor XT line

  • Best impact lawn sprinkler
Orbit brass line

  • Best sprinkler for small lawns
Gilmour Circle

As you can see, to name the best sprinkler systems for lawns, it was necessary to categorize them.
In reality, each garden has a unique combination of factors that create specific needs. To illustrate here’s an easy summary to help you choose the best sprinkler system for your lawn.

What Are The Best Sprinkler Systems For Lawns?

In essence, to choose among the best sprinkler systems for lawns, you have to consider your unique situation. From your garden’s size to how involved you want to be, the following sprinkler systems offer optimal solutions for virtually everyone.

The best overall sprinkler system for lawns – Rain Bird.

In short, Rain Bird offers the best sprinkling systems for lawns. Although there may be similar brands, Rain Bird excels in:

  • Quality-price ratio.
  • Customer service and experience.
  • Customization and almost complete control of the irrigation process.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Saving you time, money, effort, and water.

On top of that, this in-ground sprinkling system offers optional smart controls. You can hook the smart sprinkling control to your Wi-Fi and be in charge of everything.

  • Choose exactly which sprinklers to activate.
  • Start and stop irrigation any time or schedule it.
  • Receive accurate readings of the weather.
  • Create customized irrigation programs for types of weather, time of the day, temperature, etc.

Also, Rain Bird’s smart controls are certified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Rain Bird’s smart sparkling controls make every drop count.

Moreover, in certain parts of the USA, having an EPA certified sprinkler control could entitle you to rebates in your water bill.

Finally, setting up a Rain Bird system can be a fun DIY project if you have the time. However, an expert can do it for you quickly, seamlessly while keeping things within budget.

Best traveling sprinklers: Nelson’s Rain Train.

If you have a big lawn, but you don’t want an underground system, then this can be great for you.
This durable sprinkler allows some level of customization:

  1. Speed/Water intensity
  2. The rain train’s path

For the first point, the faster the Rain Train goes, the less water it releases.

Regarding its watering path, whichever shape or pattern you set your hose to, Nelson’s Rain Train will follow it and water a circular area around it.

Best oscillating sprinklers: Melnor XT.

In a nutshell, this is the best option for square or rectangular areas. It made it to this list of the best lawn sprinkler systems because it excels in:

  1. Durability and reliability
  2. Water control
  3. Consistency

First, this sprinkler is made of aluminum and plastic, providing a stable balance without hurting your garden. With 20 rubber nozzles and a cleanable seave, you can easily avoid clogging, even if you use well water.

Unlike other oscillating lawn sprinklers, the Melnor XT offers more precise control on distance, pressure, and flow.

Best impact sprinklers: Orbit Brass.

To keep it short, if you need a robust and far-reaching water stream, then the Orbit Brass sprinklers were built for you.

They take full advantage of the water pressure and can reach up to 2500 square feet of coverage. However, this is not meant for newly planted lawns or delicate plants like flowers.

The Orbit Brass sprinklers are efficient and potent. Their water stream could even unearth certain plants.

If you have time or a small lawn, the Orbit Brass might work well on its own. However, if your yard is bigger, then you’ll need to reposition it constantly.

On the other hand, when positioned and appropriately adjusted, these sprinklers can work wonders in your garden.

Best sprinkler for small lawns: Gilmour Circle.

Gilmour offers some of the best sprinkler systems for small lawns. Two of Gilmour’s lines stand out from all the most popular options: Circle and Spot Sprinkler. However, it is the Gilmour Circle that takes the crown this time.
In summary, the Gilmour Circle is a stationary sprinkler. This type of sprinkler is great for small lawns because:

  • They have excellent water output.
  • Their spray is like soft rain.
  • Flowers and new plants won’t get hurt.
  • Also, this is an excellent choice for smaller parts on a big lawn. For example, if you have a flower bed or delicate plants, the Gilmour Circle will water them efficiently and quickly while preserving them.


To choose among the best sprinkler systems for your lawn, you must consider your and your garden’s needs. While your budget is important, purchasing the wrong sprinkler could cost you more than just money.

Also, while DIYs  can be appealing, a well-installed in-ground sprinkler system could be a valuable long-term investment.

Without a doubt, a healthy yard is an essential part of a house. Hopefully, this information can help you get a general idea of the best sprinkling systems for lawns.

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