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All About Sprinkler Systems – What You Should Know

Sprinkler systems are the solution for any garden. It not only makes your job easier. It also ensures constant and uniform hydration of all your plants. In this way you can maintain the liveliness of everything that is outside in an automatic and simple way.

All these systems have key parts that, due to their excellent performance, do not need constant revisions or modifications.

Therefore, we want to teach you everything you need to know about these systems and how they work. In addition, we want to offer you our sprinkler system installation services. It has a trained team and first-rate tools to guarantee the best results.

What are automatic sprinkler systems and how do they work?

Sprinkler systems are essential pieces for any exterior care lover. This is due to its ability to schedule watering and keep the garden properly hydrated without investing a lot of time and without the risk of forgetting.

In fact, there will be no problem if you are not at home. It is the ideal solution for all those who want a good appearance on the outside, but without making a lot of effort.

On the other hand, its operation is easy to understand, since it depends on simple basic parts and correct programming. Many people spend incredible sums of money on their sprinkler systems, but they don’t use them properly.

All this generates a great loss of potable supply and can affect the health of outdoor plants generating unnecessary expenses. For all this, it is vital to have a correct programming, adapted to the needs of your garden. A team of professionals who takes charge is also important.

What are the vital parts of a sprinkler?

As we mentioned earlier, these systems have certain basic parts. These are the ones in charge of a perfect functioning of the sprinkler systems.

We want to show you which are the most relevant and what role they play within the irrigation system.


They are responsible for releasing a vacuum by pressure, which allows the constant flow of water through it to the supply line. Generally, they are made of plastic material and respond by electrical signals emitted by the timer.

Supply line

They are a series of pipes that transport the water to the irrigation area. Arguably, they are the transportation routes from the reserve or public intake to the sprinkler systems.


This is the instrument in charge of making the system dose the water correctly. It transmits the electrical signal that tells the valve what work to do. It can be programmed according to what the person wants. And its installation can be done both locally and remotely.


The sprinklers use the pressure of the water to hydrate the garden evenly. Although they are a fairly basic piece and at the same time key to sprinkler systems of all kinds.

Your own sprinkler system

Now thta you know the characteristics of the sprinklers, you can get a better idea of ​​how these systems work. You know more about each of its pieces and the tasks they carry out in order to maintain the liveliness of your garden.

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