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Avoid These Common Tree-removal Mistakes

Learning about the most common mistakes tree-removal mistakes can save your life. For the most part, people imagine that getting rid of a tree is easy. However, even experts understand that once a tree is falling, it can be unpredictable regardless of all the preparations.

Like anything important, tree removals require previous knowledge and experience. If you do it on a whim, you could leave your whole neighborhood without power or hurt someone. Take a look at these common tree-removal mistakes and make sure you avoid them.

What Are The Most Common Tree-Removal Mistakes?

  • Assuming that you know enough.

  • Not planning for the worst.

  • Leaving the stump.

  • Removing a rotten tree.

  • Trying to do it by yourself.

The Most Common Trees-Removal Mistakes

In general, tree removals can be dangerous and are prone to mistakes happening. Sadly, most of these avoidable mistakes come from two main sources:

  • Too much pride.

  • Lack of money.

However, it would seem that pride is the most common origin of tree-removal mistakes. This has resulted in people going to jail or getting killed.

In other words, whether it’s pride or budget, if you aren’t prepared, you might end up paying more than you expected.

1- Assuming That You Know Enough

Nowadays, it’s easy to find any kind of information online. Tree removals are not an exception to this trend.

Still, watching or reading a tutorial is not a substitute for expertise. For the most part, tree-removal professionals undergo serious training and prioritize safety. Tree-removal experts consider things like:

  • The tree’s growth direction.

  • Possible infections and their effect on the tree’s integrity.

  • Proximity to power lines and buildings.

  • The terrain and how it can affect the experts’ movements.

Those are just a few elements. Experts make fast calculations and decisions based on their experience.

A simple mistake, like not being aware of your surroundings for only a moment, could come with a high price.

2- Not Planning For The Worst

In essence, even experts can find it hard to predict the path of a falling tree accurately. This is an accepted fact of the industry, and tree removers have special strategies to address it.

For a DIY situation, you must consider different factors and challenge what you already know.

To illustrate, many people believe that the black coating in electric lines is for isolation. In reality, that’s a weather-proofing coating. You can still get electrocuted by those cables.

Always make sure you are looking at the bigger picture and have an escape plan.


3- Leaving The Stump Of The Tree

In general, not removing the stump is the most common tree-removal mistake. But why is it wrong?
To keep it short, rotting stumps tend to attract insect infestations. Most commonly, they are perfect houses for termites. For some unfortunate people, removing a tree on their own has cost them the integrity of their homes.

4- Removing A Rotten Tree.

Mistakes during the removal of rotten trees are extremely common. In essence, trees rot differently according to things like:

  • The type of tree.

  • Humidity and the weather.

  • Possible infections or infestations.


Those are just 3 factors of many others that affect how trees rot.

Remember, a rotting tree is a safety hazard. For example, an inexperienced person could trigger the collapse of a whole tree section and harm themselves.

Make sure you understand how and why that tree is rotting, and consider its weaker parts.


5- Trying To Do It Alone

Unsurprisingly, it’s common for tree removals to be done in teams to avoid mistakes. From having another perspective to handling heavy tools, doing this with help is always the best.

For the most part, the sole process of removing a tree can be done by one person. However, another set of eyes can you spot hazards that might be out of your sight.

Regardless, having assistance is a must. If possible, hiring an expert will always be the best solution.



As a tree owner, most parts will hold you responsible for any damage caused by it.
Taking care of a decaying tree is always dangerous. But, you don’t have to put yourself or others at risk. If you plan on doing things yourself, look for training in your city and take it seriously. However, hiring an expert can ultimately save you money and your integrity in the long run. Click here to learn more about tree-removal experts in your area.