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If you are looking for a good plantation, aeration can play a very important role in this plan.  Although many people have the tendency to overlook this, the oxygen that must be in the earth is very important.  Since it is through this type of air that they will be able to get better aids for their development and growth.

Clearly, the land on which a plantation is located needs space to retain water and air. This way, it can be nourished in a better way every time it is watered; thus, the garden or plantation will thrive. On the other hand, if the aeration is not adequate, the results may not be as expected.

What really is aeration?

Aeration is known as a measure that represents the volume of space that pores give in the soil.  These pores exist under and around the plantation area, generally thick in size.  This way, there can be air ducts through them that allow the flow of water and oxygen.

Within the substrate there are different particles that can create these pores which can be of different sizes.  They all add up to the pore space and the measure of their volume is what’s known as aeration in the plantation. It is calculated as a percentage of the substrate, being inverse to the density of the substrate.

This will always depend on the type of crop you have; hence, it can change between one plantation and another. Commercial production substrates reach porous densities of up to 80%. This leads to aeration of 10 to 15% in germination, propagation or seedling plantations. They can be divided as follows:

  • Low aeration from 2 to 5%

  • Intermediate aeration from 5 to 10%

  • High aeration from 10 to 20%

  • Very high aeration greater than 20%

What causes poor aeration within the soil?


Aeration has a bunch of factor that can affect it and completely damage the development of the crop. Therefore, those who are in charge of sowing know how they can fend this off and eradicate the different consequences that this brings about. Among the main causes of poor aeration are:

  • Excess moisture in the soil

  • Some properties that do not allow adequate filtration

  • Heavy machinery over the area

  • Grazing

  • Organic matter that compacts the soil

  • Incorrect soil texture


Each of these will work as an opposite factor to what is desired in the planting area. Consequently, the soil will be compact or with few pores that allow the entry of water and oxygen for cultivation. 

What is the importance of aeration?

 As we have already mentioned, if this agent is within an ideal capacity for planting, the outcome will be positive. Both the air, as well as water and nutrients will be able to move adequately to nourish the planting place. Carbon dioxide will be able to go out through the root and travel through these spaces and leave the substrate under diffusion.

If it is not in the correct volume, the plants will clearly be affected, and their growth will be delayed. If this happens, commercial productions will be altered, and the product will not be available in the established time.

On the other hand, if the substrate is not kept in the best state either, the health of the plant will be hit.This can attract more strongly the attack of insects or bacteria that wind up hurting the entire crop. So it is recommended that this volume be kept in the best state within the substrates.

As we can see, aeration is a fundamental factor in the development of the plants that are growing.  Ideally, you should have the help of trained professionals who can determine the correct volume. In addition to paying attention to each of the factors that can influence these kinds of parameters.

Do not forget about the aeration of the crops

 Now that we know what it is and the importance of aeration, it is a factor that you cannot pass up.  The consequences can affect the entire work of a crop and even the development of an entire garden. So keep in mind each of the necessary characteristics to take into account for the functioning of the substrates.

One of the ways to accomplish the best aeration is with the help of Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co.  It has a group of experts trained to offer the best development of gardens and plantations.



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Many people do not know that there are different ways to trim trees in a garden. That is why they do not know how to carry out this cleaning in a correct way, maintenance or even renovation to keep them in good condition.

Well, whenever you have a garden it is important to keep it clean, healthy and with the proper care that plants deserve.

When we talk about tree pruning, we refer to that way of giving proper care to shrubs. In this way, they can stay alive and strong to continue with their development process and be able to resist the weather.

Now, it is important to know the different ways of pruning that exist in order to care for the trees properly.
Know the ways to prune trees that exist

With the help of specialists or knowing by yourself the different ways of pruning you can achieve the proper care of the trees. That’s why we will now show you those ways that you can apply to keep your garden in good condition. Each of them has a mission that we’ll explain to you so that you can put it to good use. 

Pruning for cleaning

This is one of the most common ones to perform and as its name indicates, it is used to clean. The objective is to eliminate all those weeds, formations or unwanted elements in the bush you have. In addition to removing dry leaves and weeds, this type of pruning also needs to be done on other plants.

Tree rejuvenation pruning

Similar to the previous one, in this type of pruning, the main action is to remove all those old parts and elements. Dry leaves and branches are the main ones to be cut off so that they can be replaced by new elements. This gives a new aesthetic look to the shrub you’re working on in the garden.

Pruning to form

The Ideal thing to do is to apply this way of pruning in an early stage of the shrub. In this way, it is guaranteed that they will grow with the shape we want or with a more suitable structure. To apply it, you just have to get rid of all the branches of the bush that you do not want and thus, it will grow readjusting itself.

Pinch pruning

This is a type of pruning that must be done carefully so as not to damage the shape of the tree. The mission of this type is to make cuts no larger than 10 centimeters to reduce its volume.

The cuts they make should be proportional to how vigorous the tree to be cared for is. All the branches that are born after these cuts will  be thicker and fresher.

Fruiting pruning

These prunings are carried out only to those fruit trees, seeking balance between their flowers and the wood of their branches. The mission is for it to develop a good size of resistant branches suitable for bearing fruits. In addition, the size of the fruits must be taken into account, so that they do not exceed their weight.

Pruning before and after the flora

There are prunings that are done so that the tree can have a good flowering. However, these depend on each species, because some of them have it once a year and others do not. For this reason, it’s necessary to know the bush well and then prune it at the right time; you can turn to experts for this.

After flowering we usually have a bush that is not in its best moment. All excesses and flowers that no longer have life can be cut out to eliminate the content that is wilted. Thus, the new branches that are about to come out, will be able to grow full of life and with better development.

In this way, each of the forms of pruning has a meaning and a mission to be carried out. They need to be done in the right way, depending on the type of tree you have in the garden. In addition, it’s always necessary to pay attention to the seasons and their flowering or fruiting processes.

Protect your trees with these ways of pruning

 Now that you know each of the forms of pruning that can be applied, it is time to do them carefully.  This ensures that they can last for many years and grow properly in the garden.

You can also count on each of the experts at Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co. With them you can take proper care of your garden during the different seasons so that your bushes grow correctly.



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Mowing or maintaining a well-trimmed lawn is essential. It is just one more process like irrigation, pest management or fertilization. But this pruning requires care, many people think that it’s just pruning and that’s it!

However, they don’t take into account that carrying out this work indiscriminately can bring negative results, such as: the presence of weeds, bald spots, brown spots, among others.

It is highly important for you to know the reasons why you should keep the lawn of your facilities well cut.  If you want to know the reasons, keep on reading and we will give you more details.

Reasons to keep your lawn well-trimmed

Here are 5 reasons to cut or keep your lawn well-trimmed:

1. It Highlights its physical beauty

A well-cared-for grass is necessary and important for your company garden to always look beautiful. The aesthetics will largely depend on the care it receives.

Sometimes, it occurs that the lack of proper pruning prevents you from detecting unusual situations in the garden.  Therefore, you need to do a good job. This will allow you to see if it lacks water or fertilizer, avoid poor colors and lack of elasticity in the leaves.

2. It eliminates weeds

A lawn that is not properly cared for usually encourages the introduction of weeds and bald spots.

3. It avoids the appearance of fungi and pests

The brown spots are fungi, which become visible as if they were stands or patches of withered grass.  They can measure 7.5 to 25 cm in diameter.  When they start to come out they look reddish, then they wilt until they reach a brown color.

 In addition to this fungus, there is another one that also appears in the grass when proper maintenance is not done. This is the “Rust” a fungus that when it has spread throughout the grass stains the shoes of the one walking on it.

Another intruder that can be found in the garden of your company is the presence of larvae.  Good care and the application of insecticides will prevent the appearance of these.

4. It eliminates scattered dirt
Your facilities can become a nest of moles quite often, those little animals may wreak havoc.  But using proper maintenance, you’ll be able to spot them and employ effective traps to catch them and take them elsewhere.

5. It generates happiness and tranquility
 When you walk on grass the sensation you feel is incomparable. For many people, it’s like a fifth season of the year, it gives us a feeling of optimism and well-being. After keeping your lawn well-trimmed, your workplace environment will be more pleasant.


Mow the grass

Mowing the meadow requires technique. It is not a good idea to cut it too low, or you’ll reduce the leaf area and hinder the ability to photosynthesize. Which ends up in a weak lawn.

Low-height grasses have fewer roots and are shallower. Therefore, they’re less resistant to drought, and sensitive to the attack of pests and the presence of weeds.

You should not mow below 5 cm, it is best to look for experts who can do this job.

Tips for a showy grass

If you want a beautiful and perfect meadow, you must follow the following steps to get it:

  • The cutting technique should be little and often. It helps to change the cutting pattern and direction from time to time, so that the roots are not pressed.

  • For you to have a beautiful and lustrous meadow in the summer, it is essential that you water it. The frequency of irrigation will depend on the temperature and humidity. We recommend you to water it once a day so that it can nourish itself.

  • Controlling weeds persistently and using the right tools is necessary to care for your lawn.  There are tools that are used to extract them, such as manual scarifiers, which are used to hinder and prevent their growth.  You can also use herbicides.

 We advise you to take a rake to make holes and then fill them with sand. So the surface water can flow and send oxygen to the roots.

Advantages of having a lawn

For some, having a meadow on the company’s premises requires a lot of maintenance. They even consider that it’s a waste of time and money. Well, that’s true, it requires time and budget, but, it also has many advantages, such as:

  • Resistant grass.

  • Installing natural grass is economically viable.

  • The grass is adaptable to all kinds of styles.

  • The meadow produces a feeling of spaciousness and accentuates other elements of the garden.

There are compelling reasons to keep your lawn trimmed. It is essential for the vision of the facade of your home to be perfect. Besides, it provides a feeling of well-being in the owners and in the visitors too.


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If you are looking for a way to have a greener lawn in your next spring crop, you are in the right place. Generally, everyone who wants to have a well-developed lawn or garden wants it to be an apealing green. Regardless of the size, it’s one of the main reasons why you want to plant it  the best way possible.

In order to achieve this, it is important that you follow some tips that will lead you to have the greenest lawn you have ever had.  For this, the size of the garden space will not matter, but the way it is cared for and planted.  Now we will show you some of the tips that you should follow if you want to accomplish this with your lawn.

Having the greenest lawn is not an easy task

Many people believe that a greener lawn just requires constant watering. Well, the truth is that they’re totally wrong and there are many other tasks that must be carried out. So if you are going to prepare a better lawn for next spring, it is important that you follow these tips.

You have to prepare the ground

Clearly, one of the first things to do is to prepare the ground where the grass will be planted.  It should not have debris, stones or any other element that interferes with the development of the lawn.  If it is not in the best condition or at the same level, the grass will not develop correctly.

Add elements to nurture the land

Something that many people skip is the use of some enriched elements to nourish the entire soil.  Thanks to these minerals or microelements found in manure, compost or top dressing, more nutrients can be found in the plants.  In addition, it is advisable to measure the pH of the soil and add lime if necessary.

Sow the seeds correctly

When you are sowing the seeds for a greener lawn it is important to avoid wearing shoes with heels because you might uneven the terrain. Besides this, try plowing the land with a rake or even machines to prepare the land. As for the seed, it is best to apply between 35 and 40 grams per square meter.

Don’t forget the irrigation system

Adding sprinklers and irrigation systems is always more profitable than using hoses and doing it yourself.  Although these systems are more expensive, in reality, they’re more effective, they save you time and you do not have to step on the grass. It is important that the irrigation system is well planned, depending on the climate, temperature and size of the garden.

Whenever necessary add fertilizers

Fertilizers have different properties that will help make the lawn as green as possible while it is growing. In addition to this, some have pest-control that will help protect it from bacteria, animals and fungi. So do not forget about this very valuable element for the lawn once cultivated.


The first cut is important

There are those who make the mistake of letting it grow and then cutting it almost entirely the first time. The most advisable thing for this is to let it be allowed to grow over 5 centimeters, even 12 centimeters in some cases. Once this size is obtained, only its surface must be cut, one third of its size.

This activity is done in this way so that more grass can be stimulated to grow. Ideally, this process should be done twice, until it can be cut to the desired height.  If you cut more than you should the first time, you will not be able to adequately stimulate the growth of the crop.

Now that you have these tips, the ideal thing is that by next spring you may follow them and have a greener lawn. In this way, your garden can be much more striking and fuller of life from every corner you see.  These tips can be done on your own or seek the help of experts who can take care of it.


Don’t forget these tips for a greener lawn

Whenever you want to have a greener lawn during different times of the year, it is best to follow some advice.  With these that we have given you, you can prepare for next spring and dazzle with your garden.

 If you don’t want to do it alone, you can count on the help of the specialists at Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co.  Each of them will be able to give you the best tips to take your garden to be the center of attraction.



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Winter is coming and it’s time to protect your sprinklers. If you do it right, you can avoid freezing, clogging, or damaging the pipes. For this reason, we have prepared this topic in which you will learn about some effective sprinkler protection methods.

Maintenance and protection will be decisive in its future operation. If these methods of protecting your sprinklers are effective, you can continue to use them without problems. Otherwise, your investment and your garden will suffer. So, take note.

It’s time to protect your sprinklers from the cold winter

There are several ways to protect your sprinklers before the winter season. These are things that garden keepers should know, but a good number of times do not work. And it is not the fault of the harsh winter; you have to know what to do.

Adjust thermostats

We begin this list of options for protecting your sprinklers with a very important and simple one. In case the irrigation system is connected to thermostats, these must be adjusted. During cold winter times, it is best to leave the same temperature for day and night.

Outdoor implements must be secured

All implements that are directly exposed to the cold of winter must be secured. These include outdoor hoses, valves, and faucets.

A good idea is to disconnect the hoses to prevent them from freezing. The pipes must be drained with a valve to prevent the water inside from freezing. With these simple measures, the greatest risk, which is freeze damage, is avoided.

Check for leaks

Cracks in the tubing or hoses weren’t a big problem in the spring. It was just a few drops of water. But in winter the cracks contribute to the freezing of the water pipes. That is why knowing how to locate where there are leaks becomes a task that must be fulfilled to protect everything.

For this, it is recommended to seal each of the leaks found. Also, if the sprinkler system also has cables, it is important that they are not exposed.

Use thermal tape

Thermal tape is a good option that you can use to protect pipes and cables. This will work as an insulator from the cold and will prevent them from losing their physical properties. These can be indoors or outdoors.


Insulate pipes and hoses

Pipes and hoses can also be insulated to protect them from the cold and prevent them from freezing. If they are outdoors, it is best to cover them with tarps or another similar resource.

This is usually a good method if there will be no one at home to take care of your installed irrigation systems. The better they are covered, the less chance of freezing there will be.

Shut off the water flow

Water flow feeding sprinkler systems must be shut off when not in use.

Don’t forget to protect your sprinklers

Now that you know how to protect your sprinklers, it is time to apply them correctly. In this way, you can prevent unforeseen events, damage or freezing in your garden sprinkler system.

In addition to this, you have Complete Lawn Care Saenz&Co to protect your irrigation system and your garden. Consequently, take advantage of them before this winter arrives and your sprinklers suffer consequences from the cold.


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The time for lawn decoration this Halloween is approaching, that is why you have to know the trends. In this way you can guarantee a dark show in your garden and surprise, or scare everyone.

Although this is not an easy task, you can always find the latest trends in decoration. Thus, we have prepared this article for you in which you can learn the best for your lawn.

There are different elements that can be used effectively during this time of year. Know now what are the trends that are talked about to have a great decoration of the lawn this Halloween.

Surprise everyone with your lawn decoration this Halloween

In October, it is time to do the lawn decoration this Halloween. Thus, it is necessary to know the trends that exist to surprise and excite those who see your garden. Now we leave you some of the trends during this Halloween that is coming up.

Black bats

We start this list of lawn decorating trends this Halloween with one of the classics that always scare you. Bats are scary and dark animals that always tend to create fear in people. You can have several of them between the bushes and the grass to pretend that they are real.

Between the darkness of the night and the strategic places you select, you can give a scare to whoever visits you. Also, your lawn at night will appear to be filled with a scary family of bats.

 Illuminated pumpkins

Another trend for this Halloween is the traditional illuminated pumpkins. This classical element is really great and striking. If you like to make faces, with a real pumpkin and a knife you can create their dark eyes, nose and mouth. Inside them will go a light bulb, lamp or even candles that at night will give it an effect of movement.

There are some plastic or resin pumpkins that you can buy that are ready to light up. Everything will depend on the style you want to give to the lawn or garden. They can decorate the entrance through a path of pumpkins or place them in specific places to scare.

Black cats and spiders

Another trend related to Halloween is black cats. These animals with large, luminous eyes inspire fear in some people. Create some with fabric or buy dark models, it will be ideal to make your guests believe that they are real and that they are observing them.

In the case of spiders, you can have large and small models that blend into the bushes in the garden. Besides, you can also buy models that stretch and shrink so that they fall on people as they walk through your garden.

Chandeliers and lamps

Transporting your lawn, garden and even the house to the time of the witches will be an easy task with suitable chandeliers. In different stores you can find old and dark models that you can use to light up the lawn. +++, these models always offer low light, which will keep the atmosphere subdued.

Candle lamps must be used with great care as they can cause a fire. Therefore, it is more advisable that those of this style are used in the garden on non-incendive surfaces.

Skulls and zombies

Nothing better than giving a good scare to whoever steps on your lawn, so you can put protectors on Halloween. Skulls, skeletons and even whole tombstones are ideal to place as decoration in your home garden. This trend has been maintained over the years to be able to welcome those who come.

Zombies can make your lawn a sanctuary or even pretend to have a cemetery at home. If you position them in strategic places you can simulate that they leave the lawn, ready to scare visitors. When preparing the lawn decoration this Halloween you cannot forget these dark elements.

Scare everyone with lawn decorations this Halloween

Knowing these trends for decorating the lawn this Halloween, it only remains to find each of the elements that we mentioned. With this you can have a totally dark environment, always taking care of this important place in the home.

Always remember that you can keep the lawn in your garden in the best condition with Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co. They will improve and condition your garden to apply with the greatest of success a decoration as dark as this one.



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Why eliminate weeds that grow in the grass during the fall-winter seasons? Well, this cleaning is the key to enjoying a healthy orchard or garden in spring. These plants not only detract from the garden by giving it a neglected appearance. The space, nutrients, water and sunlight that the lawn needs are also stolen.

Eliminate weeds is a preventive task

Summer weeds usually disappear as fall begins. However, at this time some undesirable winter plants begin to emerge which, if not exterminated in time, will become a problem.

Consequently, eliminating weeds that damage the lawn is an essentially preventive task. Weeds are plants that need the cold to thrive and although during this time they are at rest, in spring they will bloom and spread quickly.

Therefore, prevention is vital, identifying weeds when they start to sprout to destroy them before they mistreat the lawn.

How high to mow the grass?

During the fall the grass grows slowly and irregularly and to keep it at an ideal height, you can do the following:

  • Extend the time between one harvest and another. In this way, you allow the grass to rest.

  • Try to keep it at the correct height. If it is too short, it allows weeds to grow. If, on the other hand, you leave it too high, it will pressure the weed to grow in search of sunlight.

Irrigation is essential

Watering excessively or insufficiently, causes the invasion of weeds by weakening the lawn. Therefore, you must have an irrigation system in good condition that distributes the water sufficiently, taking into account that these are cold seasons.

Measures to do irrigation

In this regard, the following aspects must be considered:

  • Broken, clogged, too high or low sprinklers will have a hard time bringing water to the entire area. This causes dry areas prone to the appearance of weeds.

  • Light and frequent watering is recommended only for newly seeded lawns, in order to develop new roots. The abundant and sporadic watering strengthens the already grown roots.

  • Ideally, the water should penetrate about eight inches into the ground. Then, wait two inches to dry before watering again.

  • The amount of water required varies depending on the type of grass, the climate, the season and the growth stage of the plant.

Remove weeds by hand

One of the fastest ways to eliminate weeds is to pull them out with your hands. In this way, we remove the plant from the root. Logically, the viability and effectiveness will depend on the size of our garden or orchard. If this is very extensive, we will have to implement another strategy.

Fertilize to nourish

Fertilizing in late fall reinforces the root of the lawn, enabling it to withstand the freezing winter. The special fertilizer for the fall has less nitrogen than the one applied during the spring. This helps the plant stay green and healthy throughout the winter.

Once you’ve mowed your lawn, it’s time to fertilize with potassium and phosphorous compost. During the fall, the grass deepens its roots and expands and to stimulate both processes, this is the best compost.

In this sense, it must be distributed equitably throughout the area; thus, we leave the soil ready to survive the winter and wait for the spring.

Using herbicides

A well-groomed lawn usually does not need herbicides. However, some harmful species that grow in the cold are often very resistant to other treatments.

Therefore, they may require some of these types of chemicals. These substances are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Total and selective. The former does not discriminate between weeds and grass. The selective ones, exterminate some types of weeds, without damaging the lawn.

  • Duration. Some have a residual effect, remaining in the soil for a long time.

  • App. The foliar ones are applied on the leaves, while the systemic ones go to the root.

  • Moment. The pre-sowing moments are applied before sowing and the post-sowing, after it.

Consult the experts

If you have questions about how to weed your lawn in the autumn-winter season, you may need to consult a specialist in the field. The experts will be able to advise you on irrigation systems, weed control, care of the lawn and much more.

If you put the needs of your garden in the hands of specialists such as, your health and beauty will be guaranteed for any time of the year.
Wait no more, condition your garden and enjoy a beautiful and vital space for you and your family.


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Cleaning in fall season is important to take care of our garden. This is a season when lawns and shrubs begin to undergo color and appearance changes. In most cases they tend to change their leaves, while in others they continue to maintain their flowers.

Now, doing the first cleaning can be a bit complicated by the amount of changes our garden undergoes. In addition, it is necessary to consider that we must also prepare the ground for the coming season. In this sense, we will give you some tips so that you can carry out the best cleaning possible in the fall season. 

Tips for proper cleaning in fall season 

With the change of season, it is time for cleaning in fall season. For this, it is important to ensure that each of the corners of the garden can adapt to the new season. That is why we have put together some tips so that you can perform a correct cleaning.

Begins to remove fallen leaves

For cleaning in the fall season, we must be clear that many trees and even the lawn will change their leaves. Consequently, we are going to find dry leaves everywhere, so you can do two things with them:

1. Remove them to keep the lawn clean. Although the first cleaning will be complicated, it has to be done. In this way, the lawn will be prepared to receive the necessary oxygen. Blowers can be used to remove the leaves or pile them in a place where they can be collected together. 

2. Use a cutting machine to shred all the dry leaves that have started to fall. These will compost by mixing with moisture and will be an efficient reinforcement for when winter arrives.

Don’t stop taking care of the lawn

The lawn
is one of the most important elements of the garden and in autumn it usually undergoes changes. During this season it is important that they get enough oxygen, so cleaning the leaves that fall is essential. You can also add some type of fertilizer that offers nutrients.

As this season the grass will not grow in the same way, it is best to cut it less frequently. It can be done two or three times a month, this saves time on cleaning.

Cut dry branches

After this season of changes, you can do a first cleaning in the garden bushes. For this, with the help of scissors and gloves you can cut the dry branches. This will prevent them from falling on the lawn or even on rooftops. It is ideal to do this during the first fall cleaning.

Be careful with excessive watering

During the autumn season the weather changes, it becomes humid and the wind is usually more intense. For this reason, excessive watering can end up playing against plants and grass. If the environment is rainy, it is best not to water them and if it is dry, do it every 3 days.

It is also important to schedule the sprinklers so that they can work properly in the recommended time. This way you can prepare the whole garden for the blooming that is coming

Time to sow

It is imperative to know the state of the soil and the land when sowing. If it is in the best conditions, you can take advantage of the fall to start planting.

If you need to sow, the most recommended are fruit trees, rose bushes or some shrubs. Gardening experts may be able to help you in this regard.

Apply cleaning in every corner

If you want the garden to be in good condition, applying the first cleaning in the fall season will be key. Take care of each of the corners so that nothing is affected and you can have your garden well this season. If you follow each advice, we have given you, you can prepare it for the winter that is coming.

The best fall season cleaning for your garden

Each of these tips that we have given you for cleaning in the fall season will help you keep your garden as good as possible. Thus, Complete Lawn Care Saenz & Co can help you to have your garden in the best conditions. Contact us during this transitional season before the arrival of the cold winter.


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Trees with invasive roots should be taken into account when decorating the garden. Many people only take into account the visible and forget the inconvenience that roots bring as time passes.

That is why when planting a tree, it is important to know the growth potential of its roots. If you don’t have the knowledge to do so, it could spell big trouble for other trees and even nearby structures. These drawbacks force us to always consider the development of the roots.

Problems brought by trees with invasive roots

In their search for water, the growth of trees with invasive roots is often out of proportion. Sometimes they travel many meters to reach it.

Now, let’s consider the most frequent problems that these types of trees bring with them:

  • Cause damage to underground structures such as swimming pools or ponds. They can even damage pipes.

  • They can penetrate structures or pipes with cracks or leaks.

  • They get to lift floors, even cement.

  • They tend to deplete nutrients for other plants.

List of trees with invasive roots

Now, knowing this, let’s go over a list of the most common trees with invasive roots. Therefore, you can better weigh it before planting and anticipate a big problem in your garden:


They are found in areas where there is not frequent rain. Therefore, it is normal for its roots to reach far in search of water. The roots of this can grow up to five meters. Thus, it is recommended to have a good exclusive space around it if you want to plant it.


Caution must be exercised when planting this tree; in fact, it is not always recommended. This plant requires a lot of space since it can grow up to 40 meters in height and its roots more than 10 meters. Therefore, you will have to give it a lot of surface if you do not want a conflict of roots in your garden.

Ficus elastica

Although it is an easy plant to maintain, it can also reach heights between 30 and 40 meters. The problem is that, once it has a suitable and comfortable climate for it, the roots of this tree grow in an exaggerated way. Consequently, it can bring in nutrients from far away and cause problems where you least expect it.

Weeping Willow

Although they are very elegant and aesthetic specimens, these trees with invasive roots do best in wild habitats, such as swamps, streams, and ponds. It really needs a lot of water to be able to thrive. If you don’t have it, the roots will find their way to find currents, even breaking sewers.

Fig tree

Usually, this tree is seen in solitary areas in the open field. It is because it can develop even hundreds of meters from lakes or wells. Even if you ensure its dose of water, the roots will continue their long journey damaging even concrete floors.


Also known as poplars, they can grow up to 30 meters, which already gives an idea of ​​their underground reach. Although they are highly desired for their beauty and trunk white and straight as a column, its roots spread rapidly. These look like difficult ropes to control. Even if you cut the trunk, they will continue to grow.

How to treat trees with invasive roots

Suppose that the giant’s planting is already done and the problem has started. Here are some recommendations to prevent the roots from growing so much. It is best to remove it from the garden, unless you have meters of adequate space. But what if you love your tree?

Depending on the species, it will be enough to ensure its ration of water so that the roots do not seek to expand in their search. It is very important to allow air flow so you will have no reason to project your foliage and send more roots.

Also keeping the crown of the tree trimmed is a good way to prevent roots from growing. It is because they grow proportionally to its crown to compensate for its stability. You should also plant at least 10 meters away from buildings.

If pruning the canopy doesn’t seem like enough, cut a trench a few feet from the tree and fill it in with cement. It will be a good obstacle to the propagation of the roots.

Seek professional advice

The key to success is consulting with a specialist when you want to plant the ideal tree for your garden or deal with trees with invasive roots. Do not hesitate to visit our Saenz & Co portal, where you will find related content and the best advice.




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There are many companies dedicated to tree removal and pruning. You should choose the one that guarantees their work, and also offers the subsequent advice for the care of the trees.

A company specialized in tree pruning and removal offers the necessary service for this purpose. In addition, it has the workforce trained to meet the demands of customers and the safety of its employees.

Tree removal job safety

Certainly, tree removal and pruning business is a growing industry.The technological equipment used for the execution of jobs is increasingly sophisticated. These are really beneficial changes, since tree removal is a high-risk job.

You must have the tools and protective equipment to avoid workplace accidents and ensure the well-being of your workers. When a company does not have adequate equipment, accidents can occur.
For instance, some serious risks could be falling from high places, injury or electric shock, in many cases causing death


Prevention in tree removal to avoid accidents

The company must have the necessary work and protection equipment for the safe execution of tree removal. In this way, they will avoid occupational accidents and loss of life in the process.

A study of the area must be carried out, staff training in the use and handling of work material and the appropriate protective equipment. Therefore, security programs with rules and procedures must be developed to face the risks that may arise.

Accident prevention measures in tree removal

Next, we will detail some measures that must be taken by the company to prevent accidents in tree removal:

  • The company that carries out the tree removal work must have a trained supervisory staff in charge of conducting a daily study of the space, before each working day.

  • The supervisor must ensure that employees maintain a considerable distance from electrical points in the area. He will also see that they use the regulatory protective equipment.

  • The company must have a truck with an aerial basket to safely reach the work points.

  • It must have trained personnel to operate the boom of the truck following the safety regulations. It should never be too close to high tension cables or under heavy items to be cut.

  • Do not allow the use of work equipment and materials such as metal trimmers, fences and electrical cables.

  • Provide your workers with non-conductive material work equipment.

  • Guarantee protective equipment such as gloves, helmets, boots and harness. Supervise that workers use safety equipment properly and permanently while they are in the work area.

Security measures by means of knots

Part of the necessary measures when felling a tree is to carry out a reconnaissance of the area and good execution in the elaboration of the nodes to climb. There are a great variety of knots, and the most used are:

  • Knot in the shape of a figure eight. The figure eight knot can be used for many purposes.

  • Prusik knot. It is a friction knot. It facilitates the sliding without problem of the worker.

  • Mooring Blake. It is a modified version of the Prusik knot.

Have the best service and a responsible company

Tree removal
companies must guarantee high-level work. It must make available to the client, trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

When removing trees, the company must use safety procedures that guarantee well-being and generate greater efficiency. For this reason, it is of great importance that the company take special care in security measures and their faithful compliance.

For this type of work, Complete Lawn Care has expert personnel in the use of equipment and skills for tree removal.