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Drip Irrigation Vs Standard Sprinkler System

The drip irrigation system is very useful for localized growing space. With these systems, the distribution of water and nutrients is better managed.

The irrigation system is a very efficient process for bringing water and nutrients to crops. It reduces water consumption significantly. With this method, crops tend to increase through a better distribution of water and fertilizers, reducing the arrival of diseases and grass.

They are unlike standard irrigation systems that need a large amount of water to function. The standard type of irrigation system is mostly used for large terrain spaces. 

Benefits of the drip irrigation system

By employing the use of the drip irrigation system, multiple benefits can be obtained for the crop, among them are:

  • Water sources of smaller quantity may be available. This is because less water is required than is used in the sprinkler irrigation system.

  • Less energy is used in pumping, unless more water pressure is not required.

  • Allows you to manage the amounts of water in the crops.

  • By not getting wet in large amounts, the grass of the crops reduces the presence of diseases.

  • Labor and operating expenses are lower.

Other benefits

The following group of benefits can also be found:

  • The water goes directly to the root of the cultivated silver. Water is not used in land that is not active in the crop. 

  • With the usage of a drip irrigation system, it is possible to remain working the land, since only the crop gets wet.

  • Nutrients and fertilizers can be applied through this drip system effectively.

  • Unlike the sprinkler irrigation system, the drip irrigation system can reduce soil erosion and nutrient loss.

The drip irrigation system can be acquired from an irrigation system dealer and at the same time purchase your own tools for its design. It should be highlighted when buying that it is of good quality to avoid problems at the time of use.

Because you don’t always get the most out of your drip irrigation system

Just as the use of the drip irrigation system can provide benefits, several points must be taken into account, such as:

  • The initial cost per piece of land is higher than the use of another irrigation system.

  • The implementation requirements are higher. This can lead to a delay in the decision to operate and consequently damage to crops.

  • With the use of the drip irrigation system protection against cold weather is not guaranteed, being needed the use of sprinklers.

  • The drip irrigation system is not exempt from damage caused by insects and personnel in charge of the crops.

  • It is essential to filter the water to avoid blocking the exit through the irrigation holes.

  • Different the sprinkler irrigation system, water management on the land is limited.

The implementation of the drip irrigation system can be expensive, that is why, it must be implemented one that allows maximum production with low costs.

In this system the drip tapes used are thin and are used only for one growing season, as it is the case with vegetables. Having professionals in the area will also save many of these expenses.

  • How a drip irrigation system is made up

    A drip irrigation system is made up of:

    • Self-compensating drippers. They are emitters that offer a fixed irrigation within a more or less high-pressure average. The use of these drippers allows better water distribution.

    • Anti-drain drippers. They are emitters that close when the water pressure in the irrigation system drops, preventing the pipe from being empty and filling with air.

    • Regular drippers. These allow irrigation control to be administered through a mechanical device.

What should be taken into account for an optimal drip irrigation system

The water used for the drip irrigation system can be from ponds, rivers, lakes, or other means of obtaining water. Before being used, the water must go through a quality control to prevent contaminants from leaking out and damaging the irrigation system.

The drip irrigation system is restricted, which provides benefits when managing water resources and fertilizers in crops. This type of irrigation system needs little pressure to function properly.

It is necessary to note that the drip irrigation system is being used more continuously for fruit, vegetable and vine crops.

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