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How Much Do Sprinkler Systems Cost?

Sprinkler systems are essential elements of the garden. We need them to maintain the beauty and charm of our plantation. But to maintain this aesthetic it is necessary to invest in a good irrigation system.

Of course, the amount to invest in an irrigation system will depend on the type of system, the space and the place where it will be installed. 

How much is invested in sprinkler systems according to their type

Therefore, Sprinkler systems have different quotes depending on the type of system and the meters to be used. The materials used also affect the total cost of the budget.

The prices we publish below are an average of what a system can cost per square meter of irrigation. We recommend consulting with experts to make the final quote. For example, you can contact Saenz & Co workers.

With these irrigation systems it is possible to install smart or programming devices. Nevertheless, make sure it is necessary!


Drip irrigation

This system can cost 6,400 Mexican pesos per 100 square meters. It is very simple. They are the most used when constant humidity is needed. They are also useful when humidity is required in a specific area on a continuous basis.

Automated sprinkler system

Automatic sprinklers have a higher cost. The average price is 25,600 Mexican pesos per 100 square meters. Among the sprinkler systems, this is one of the most used to keep gardens moist.

Sprinkler irrigation system

This system is the most used for large areas. It can cost 30,000 Mexican pesos per 100 square meters. The system used can keep not only the soil moist, but also the entire plants. This maintains the freshness of the plants on hot days.

Irrigation by means of exudation

This system uses pipes with small capillary holes that function similar to that of the drip system. An important difference is that with exudation there is no problem of blockage. In addition, this method gives a more uniform watering.

It is ideal for greenhouse systems. It is priced at an average of 16,000 Mexican pesos per 100 square meters.


How to price sprinkler systems?

Quoting this type of system is very easy. Contact an expert who will be in charge of carrying out a study of the space in which you want the installation. Keep in mind that the price varies according to some circumstances:

  • The material (PVC pipes, stainless steel)

  • Size of the area in which the installation will be done

  • The type of sprinkler system

  • Installation difficulties

  • Last minute changes


Sprinkler systems
are an investment that will help you save time, effort, and get the job done on time.

Although usually the factor that stands out in decision making is cost, several points that influence the decision must be taken into account:

  • Worker experience

  • Installation time

  • Quality and price ratio

  • Opinions of other clients

  • Evaluation of your space

  • Savings after installation

Advantages of installing sprinkler systems

It is possible to get many advantages thanks to the installation of this system. So, it will bring benefits to both the irrigation space and its owners.

  • Water savings by controlling irrigation schedules and the amount of water.

  • Savings in labor (in case of extensive plantations).

  • A uniform distribution of water is ensured throughout the area.

  • Plants with the best appearance, even in hot weather.

Knowing your garden will help you understand how advantageous it is to get a system that keeps it moist. Whether for garden or greenhouse plants, its installation will bring excellent results.

Find the best sprinkler system

Certainly, we invite you to consult with sprinkler system installation professionals at Saenz & Co. And if you need repairs or advice on the system you have installed, you will also find experts.

They will assess the damage, quote, and perform a quality repair on your yard. Find the value for money that best suits you together with these great professionals in the area.