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How To Prepare The Lawn For Spring?

After the cold winter, to prepare the lawn may seem like a difficult task. Well, at this time of year, the lawn has been, perhaps, devastated by winter. It is part of the natural cycle of the earth, and if you prepare in advance, you can get really good results.

Being prepared ahead of time can help make this task easier and more bearable. It is recommended that the best season to anticipate is autumn, as it can result in a healthy lawn for when spring arrives.

Regardless of whether the ground is prepared in advance or not, a series of lawn care must be carried out when spring arrives. In this way, gardens, especially lawns, can look green and beautiful during spring, taking advantage of the time of sun and flowers.

To carry out this task successfully and get the best out of your gardens, put into practice the maintenance and care recommendations, which we provide below.

To prepare the lawn during fall or winter

The fall or winter seasons are recommended for lawn preparation. It generally saves a lot of time and, more importantly, money.

Doing some chores in advance, like aerating or clearing debris, will ensure a more optimal terrain for a beautiful lawn in the spring.

Conditioning your lawn for spring

It is necessary to carry out some maintenance measures to prepare the ground, and turn it into a suitable space for an abundant and green lawn. Especially, a cleaning, fertilizing and aeration of the land must be carried out.

As it has been said, if care was taken during the fall or winter, then the task will be much easier by the time spring arrives.

However, once flower season arrives, a few steps must be taken to prepare the lawn successfully. Pay attention to the recommendations and avoid making mistakes as much as possible.

What are the steps to prepare the lawn?

It is recommended to implement the following recommendations; with them it is ensured to obtain a land in almost perfect conditions for a lush green garden. The steps to follow apply specifically to soil and grass, as this is the terrain we are addressing now.

1.  Scarified

It consists of cleaning the surface of the land to let it breathe. The main thing here is to remove or withdraw:

  • The leaves

  • Weeds

  • Branches

Which have fallen on the ground due to winter.

The objective then is to eliminate the layer of debris that has accumulated on the surface, since these interfere with the aeration of the earth.

2.  Aerated

Similar to scarified, since its main objective is to “let the ground breathe”. It seems irrelevant, as it generally goes unnoticed. But the truth is, it is essential to prepare the lawn successfully.

It is about making holes in the earth, with this, the roots under the earth can absorb:

  • The necessary oxygenation

  • The nutrients that are applied to the land

3.  Subscriber

Once it is possible to obtain a clean land with sufficient air fluidity, it is time to sustain the land with nutrients. In this step it is up to the owner to use fertilizers of his preference, whether chemical or organic.

The results will depend on the type of fertilizer with which you want to nourish the land. There are many types of compost such as:

  • Some that will contain poisons

  • Others who will act immediately

  • And others that will have a prolonged effect

Note: It is recommended to use organic compost.

4.  Irrigation

Watering is another of the most important steps in preparing the lawn and obtaining excellent results. It must be remembered not to water the land during the most intense hours of sunlight, because the evaporation of the water would be much faster. Be careful with this rule, make sure you do not waste water uselessly.

The frequency and amount of irrigation will depend on:

  • The temperature

  • The height of the lawn

  • The characteristics of the land

5.  Mowing

Mowing is nothing more than cutting the lawn to keep it even and healthy. It is recommended to mow:

  • Every fifteen (15) days during spring

  • Weekly, when summer approaches

In summer, the growth of the lawn will increase. That is why in summer it is recommended to mow more frequently.

At this point it is not about preparing the lawn, but about maintaining it. Avoid cutting it during the most intense hours of sunlight, as the leaves can suffer burns.

Note: Do not remove the remains, as they will act as natural fertilizer.

Preparing the lawn: a simple task

Having a garden full of life is one of the most relaxing things for the eyes and for the soul
. Following the recommendations above, having a beautiful lawn can be a very simple task.

Execute each step with patience and care, and you will see that you can enjoy and, even show off, a dream garden.

In addition to the proper care of the land, remember to have all the necessary tools on hand or, if required, contact a professional in the field.