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How To Protect Your Sprinklers During Winter

Winter is coming and it’s time to protect your sprinklers. If you do it right, you can avoid freezing, clogging, or damaging the pipes. For this reason, we have prepared this topic in which you will learn about some effective sprinkler protection methods.

Maintenance and protection will be decisive in its future operation. If these methods of protecting your sprinklers are effective, you can continue to use them without problems. Otherwise, your investment and your garden will suffer. So, take note.

It’s time to protect your sprinklers from the cold winter

There are several ways to protect your sprinklers before the winter season. These are things that garden keepers should know, but a good number of times do not work. And it is not the fault of the harsh winter; you have to know what to do.

Adjust thermostats

We begin this list of options for protecting your sprinklers with a very important and simple one. In case the irrigation system is connected to thermostats, these must be adjusted. During cold winter times, it is best to leave the same temperature for day and night.

Outdoor implements must be secured

All implements that are directly exposed to the cold of winter must be secured. These include outdoor hoses, valves, and faucets.

A good idea is to disconnect the hoses to prevent them from freezing. The pipes must be drained with a valve to prevent the water inside from freezing. With these simple measures, the greatest risk, which is freeze damage, is avoided.

Check for leaks

Cracks in the tubing or hoses weren’t a big problem in the spring. It was just a few drops of water. But in winter the cracks contribute to the freezing of the water pipes. That is why knowing how to locate where there are leaks becomes a task that must be fulfilled to protect everything.

For this, it is recommended to seal each of the leaks found. Also, if the sprinkler system also has cables, it is important that they are not exposed.

Use thermal tape

Thermal tape is a good option that you can use to protect pipes and cables. This will work as an insulator from the cold and will prevent them from losing their physical properties. These can be indoors or outdoors.


Insulate pipes and hoses

Pipes and hoses can also be insulated to protect them from the cold and prevent them from freezing. If they are outdoors, it is best to cover them with tarps or another similar resource.

This is usually a good method if there will be no one at home to take care of your installed irrigation systems. The better they are covered, the less chance of freezing there will be.

Shut off the water flow

Water flow feeding sprinkler systems must be shut off when not in use.

Don’t forget to protect your sprinklers

Now that you know how to protect your sprinklers, it is time to apply them correctly. In this way, you can prevent unforeseen events, damage or freezing in your garden sprinkler system.

In addition to this, you have Complete Lawn Care Saenz&Co to protect your irrigation system and your garden. Consequently, take advantage of them before this winter arrives and your sprinklers suffer consequences from the cold.