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Installing An Sprinkler System

Proper installation of a sprinkler system helps the entire device to function properly. Sprinkler systems help to maintain the health and greenery of gardens, in a simple and practical way.

In fact, it is ideal to choose automatic systems that perform this task without the need for you to be present. These are undoubtedly a smart choice to preserve and maintain a good outdoor environment in homes, farms, buildings and more.

So, we want to show you some things you should know about its installation. In addition, you will see some  that you can take advantage of. Do not miss it!

How do I know where to make installation of a sprinkler system?

Correct installation of a sprinkler system is required to fully cover the selected area. For this reason, location is critical. In addition, certain factors such as water pressure and pipe lines must be taken into account.

The purpose is to guarantee a uniform and adequate irrigation, without difficulties or optimal performance. On the other hand, it is very important to take into account every little detail. Thus, the installation will be carried out properly and the system will be efficient.

  • Corners must be accounted for each sprinkler system.

  • Water must reach adjacent sprinklers, otherwise more must be installed to cover the area properly.

  • A previous planning of how each sprinkler will be located is very useful.

In the installation of a sprinkler system it is important to take into account the above aspects and others. For this reason, you must have the advice and work of trained professionals in the area who offer professional services.

What other aspects are relevant when installing sprinklers?

Next, we explain some of the most important aspects for you so that you gain a little knowledge of the complete process.

1.  Water pressure

This is a fairly basic item, but vital for even watering of any garden. Before installing the sprinkler system, it is important to measure the access water pressure.

In this way, knowledge of the scope of each sprinkler can be obtained. By developing a structured planning of the final location of each sprinkler, we were able to correctly cover the area to be irrigated.

Whatever the type of irrigation system, water pressure always plays a primary role.

2.  Pipe lines

In this regard, it is essential to locate the pipe lines as directly as possible. In this way, losses of pressure and water flow are avoided. In addition, in the installation of a sprinkler system it is important to close the circuit if possible, to achieve greater pressure uniformity.

These are all simple details but they go a long way to ensuring that the system works properly and the entire area is covered. At the same time, all this must be done before installing the devices to make a systematic installation.

3.  Correct installation

Proper installation and layout of sprinkler systems will determine success. A well-planned installation is better than an expensive trial and error procedure. So, each step must be taken into account to guarantee the expected results after the installation is finished.

This is why properly installing sprinkler systems will be critical for the system to function properly. Each small item must be left in place and attached safely and efficiently.

In addition, each sprinkler must be in the right place, taking into account its useful life and weather events. Thus, the equipment will be able to withstand in perfect operation for a long time.

Sprinkler System Installation – A Task for Professionals

Now you know the basics of this type of installation. You may not be ready to do an installation on your own, but you will know what you want and how to request a correct installation service. It is always necessary, to guarantee specific and desired results, to have professional experience.

For this reason, Complete Lawn Care by Saenz & Co offers you quality services and personalized attention for the care of your outdoor spaces. Do not hesitate to contact us!