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Preparing Lawn For Spring

Why Prepare Your Lawn For Spring During Fall/Winter?

Imagine spring comes, you’ve been preparing for the warm weather, and as snow melts, you discover a ruined lawn. While this is terrible, it’s extremely common for lawn experts to see this story every year.

However, keeping your yard healthy is easier than you might think. Prepare your lawn for spring during fall, and see your healthy grass in spring.

Why Prepare My Lawn For Spring During Fall/ Winter?

In essence, preparing your lawn for spring during fall will save you lots of money and time. From aeration to clearing debris, some simple steps will ensure a great lawn when the warm weather comes.

When Should I Prepare My Lawn For Spring?

In general, it’s better to prepare your lawn during fall. If your yard is smaller or has fewer needs, you could start preparing during the early winter. As a rule, your garden must be ready to be left alone before the coldest parts of winter.

Whatever preparations you do, you’ll see the result once the snow melts or the freezing cold passes.

Why Is It Important To Prepare My Lawn During Fall?

Depending on the grass, preparing your lawn during fall will bring the following benefits:

  • More nutritious soil
  • Less bare or thin areas in your lawn
  • Avoiding plagues, weeds, or deteriorating grass
  • Preserve a healthy lawn during the freezing months
  • No work necessary during winter

So, if you live in a cold place, you will greatly benefit from early lawn-preparations.

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring During Fall?

First, know the specific needs of the type of grass in your yard. Once you know that, you can consider the following, more general tips to prepare your lawn during fall:

  • Aerate
  • Seed bare parts
  • Remove leaves and debris
  • Go hard on weeds
  • Mowing your lawn short

Again, plant to start by mid-fall or early winter. The time you’ll need depends on factors like:

  • How cold is the weather
  • The size of your lawn
  • Specific needs of your type of grass

In the end, the goal is to finish preparations before it gets really cold.

Aerate Your Lawn During Fall

Aeration helps your soil be less compacted. Which, in turn, brings benefits such as:

  • More fresh-air exchange
  • Improved water absorption
  • Better nutrient availability

Usually, you should aerate your lawn every 1 to 4 years, depending on the foot or heavy-object traffic volume.

Prepare To Seed Bare Lawn-Parts During Fall

This is especially true for cool-season grass. In essence, if you overseed thin parts in your lawn, you should see it recovered by spring. 

If possible, consider adding some fertilizer to those patches. Overseeding and fertilizing those parts during fall prepares your lawn for better growth. However, be mindful of the type of fertilizer and how much you use. If done incorrectly, you could encourage weed growth.

Prepare To Clean Your Lawn During Fall

As much as you can, it is important to keep your lawn free of leaves, branches, or debris. Accumulated debris promotes the growth of mold or other unwanted plants. 

For the most part, keeping your yard clean during fall is not an optional preparation. However, it’s easy to do.

  • Clean your lawn often during fall
  • Notice possible branches that could fall and remove them
  • Rake your lawn 

When spring comes, you’ll find healthy, ready-to-grow grass.

Remove Weeds In Your Lawn To Prepare The Soil

In essence, if you remove weeds during the fall, you prepare to have less of them during spring.
Make it count and remove them by hand. There are some pre-emergent weed killers you can use for better results.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed

To keep it short, a grass height between 2.5 to 3 inches will ensure better growth.
In addition, tall grass is a perfect shelter for pests and other hazards in your yard.


Preparing your lawn for spring during the fall is the best option for healthy grass during spring.

Sometimes, depending on your yard’s size, it will be better to get an expert to help. They can even test your soil and grass to discover the best course of action to take.

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