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The Best Smart Sprinkler Sytems To Save Water And Cash

A smart home sprinkler system is very important to keep our green areas well cared for and beautiful. Unlike other types of irrigation, their great advantage is that they do not have the need to receive presence and perennial attention.

So, sprinklers with advanced technology make it easy by controlling irrigation via wireless Internet connection. Operating it through our smartphone, watering the garden will be an easy and automatic task. 

Top 5 smart sprinkler systems

The smart sprinkler systems shown feature advanced technology that will benefit you in many ways. Therefore, tech sprinklers and their controllers can be compatible with Apple and Android. Let’s see a list of the best:

1. Eve irrigation controller

This smart irrigation controller will help save water by your automated irrigation controller. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

It shows you how much water you have consumed. Both the duration of irrigation and the amount of water used can be programmed from the device. Your Eve Aqua app works via Bluetooth.

2. Rachio Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

In this device you can program the amount of water and the watering time. Based on that and other data, he creates the watering schedules himself.

Depending on the weather, the watering times can be interrupted if necessary, for example in case of rain. It works via Wi-Fi and the application is available on iOS and Android.

3. Orbit 57946 B-hyve Sprinkler System

It works with a Wi-Fi connection and can be programmed from any device linked to that network. Functions can be set based on soil type, sunlight, shade, and weather.

4. Sprinklers with humidity sensor

If the current temperature is not advisable, this smart sprinkler will not start watering. The device has an application available on Android and Apple. It is also compatible with other home controllers, such as Alexa.

Based on statistics and weather forecasts, the garden watering times are programmed. So, the settings are customizable too. It is the best way to combine savings and efficiency.

5. Sprinkler with HD camera

This smart sprinkler with a 720p resolution camera includes night vision. It has a 115-degree field of view and is controllable over the Internet wirelessly.

It works with weather statistics and does not need a Wi-Fi connection. Also, determine how far the water will be thrown. In this way, it allows to save water by doing an exact irrigation.

It has a sensor that detects failures in the valves, tubes or wiring of the system and sends you an alert on your cell phone through the application. The latter is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Google Home, among others.

What are they for?

With this system you can keep your garden in shape. Regardless of the type of space you have, small or large, segmented or irregular, technology sprinkler systems adapt.

Controllers keep your garden beautiful by determining the climate by adjusting how often you will water it. The applications of these systems are compatible with different mobile operating systems, such as Android and Apple.


Why install it?

The installation of a smart system to water the garden is not very complicated. In fact, it is very similar to the installation you know. Only the step of connecting via wifi is added to the smartphone.

In addition, it has different benefits:

  • Saves water with its climate adaptation.

  • It is not a very expensive system.

  • Control the system from your cell phone.

  • Requires less physical labor.


Tips to take care of your smart sprinkler system

The best smart sprinkler systems are not very expensive. However, it is important to take good care of them. Otherwise, you pay the price by losing the garden. Please note the following:

  • Make sure they take care of it when you prune the garden.

  • Maintains system tubes to prevent oxidation and clogging.

  • Keep the electrical system covered to avoid accidents.

  • Take care that children are away from the controllers.


Only with the best you will keep your garden beautiful

Regardless of the space to be sprayed, with one of the best intelligent sprinkler systems you will achieve a garden in perfect condition. In addition, you will save time, money and water. Take into account every opinion that we give you at Saenz & Co, because we are the true experts.