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Tree Removal Job Safety

There are many companies dedicated to tree removal and pruning. You should choose the one that guarantees their work, and also offers the subsequent advice for the care of the trees.

A company specialized in tree pruning and removal offers the necessary service for this purpose. In addition, it has the workforce trained to meet the demands of customers and the safety of its employees.

Tree removal job safety

Certainly, tree removal and pruning business is a growing industry.The technological equipment used for the execution of jobs is increasingly sophisticated. These are really beneficial changes, since tree removal is a high-risk job.

You must have the tools and protective equipment to avoid workplace accidents and ensure the well-being of your workers. When a company does not have adequate equipment, accidents can occur.
For instance, some serious risks could be falling from high places, injury or electric shock, in many cases causing death


Prevention in tree removal to avoid accidents

The company must have the necessary work and protection equipment for the safe execution of tree removal. In this way, they will avoid occupational accidents and loss of life in the process.

A study of the area must be carried out, staff training in the use and handling of work material and the appropriate protective equipment. Therefore, security programs with rules and procedures must be developed to face the risks that may arise.

Accident prevention measures in tree removal

Next, we will detail some measures that must be taken by the company to prevent accidents in tree removal:

  • The company that carries out the tree removal work must have a trained supervisory staff in charge of conducting a daily study of the space, before each working day.

  • The supervisor must ensure that employees maintain a considerable distance from electrical points in the area. He will also see that they use the regulatory protective equipment.

  • The company must have a truck with an aerial basket to safely reach the work points.

  • It must have trained personnel to operate the boom of the truck following the safety regulations. It should never be too close to high tension cables or under heavy items to be cut.

  • Do not allow the use of work equipment and materials such as metal trimmers, fences and electrical cables.

  • Provide your workers with non-conductive material work equipment.

  • Guarantee protective equipment such as gloves, helmets, boots and harness. Supervise that workers use safety equipment properly and permanently while they are in the work area.

Security measures by means of knots

Part of the necessary measures when felling a tree is to carry out a reconnaissance of the area and good execution in the elaboration of the nodes to climb. There are a great variety of knots, and the most used are:

  • Knot in the shape of a figure eight. The figure eight knot can be used for many purposes.

  • Prusik knot. It is a friction knot. It facilitates the sliding without problem of the worker.

  • Mooring Blake. It is a modified version of the Prusik knot.

Have the best service and a responsible company

Tree removal
companies must guarantee high-level work. It must make available to the client, trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

When removing trees, the company must use safety procedures that guarantee well-being and generate greater efficiency. For this reason, it is of great importance that the company take special care in security measures and their faithful compliance.

For this type of work, Complete Lawn Care has expert personnel in the use of equipment and skills for tree removal.