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Do you need a real certified expert to remove that diseased tree or repair your sprinklers? Perhaps you dream of a vast and breathtaking lawn to compliment your residence or commercial facility? WE DO THE HARD WORK FOR YOU. Established in 1997, Complete Lawn Care by Saenz & Co. is your most reliable solution in El Paso, Tx. We specialize in many different types of services such as lawn sprinkler repair and installation, pruning and removal tree services as well as general lawn care like mowing the grass and re-edging and cleaning garden and flower beds. Our team consists of competent lawn care professionals and the best equipment. As a leading lawn and landscaping company in the 915, the quality of our services is always outstanding and guaranteed!


We do the hard work
In Complete Lawn Care, we know how important small details are. That's why we have the most specialized work-tools to maintain our customer's trust. Our job's quality is under constant supervision; this allows us to have a broader knowledge of the technology we use in commercial and residential gardening. As a highly-trained company, once the job is done, we share our expertise by providing the best suggestions for taking care of common, local plants.


Your land will be in great hands when you work with Complete Lawn Care. Our experience guarantees the best work and care for your soil. Because we're part of a demanding market, Complete Lawn Care keeps training and learning, to improve gardens to make them beautiful and increase your property value.  


We use the right equipment to complete the job without any setbacks.
Quality of service
We train our staff to implement the best solution for the most specific needs of our clients, regardless of where or how their soil is.
We execute all of our services in a fast and safe manner. We guarantee the highest quality standards. We offer flexibility in our services, accomodating for special projects at any time.
By being supportive and sincere in what we offer, we connect respectfully with our clients. We carefully listen to their needs, and we commit to providing them the best alternatives to meet each one of those needs.



Since 1996, in Complete Lawn Care, we've stood out because of our professionalism and reliability of or services. We provide our clients with the best solutions for taking care of their gardens. We know about "tough work," and we have the best tools to execute the most specialized jobs with precision and care, in the shortest time possible. Our goal is to provide customized advice, which allows us to take care of our clients' needs and satisfy their demands.



Working for you!

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